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Gree is the world's largest air conditioning manufacturer listed by Forbes as No.246 in 2020. With over 1000 laboratories, 14,000 R&D engineers, and 2 R & D centers, Gree is dedicated to producing innovative, groundbreaking products and a comprehensive range of air conditioning solutions. One in three air-conditioning systems produced in the world is by Gree.

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KINGHOME is the premier residential air conditioner brand that is wholly owned and manufactured by GREE Electric Appliances Inc. KINGHOME Residential Air Conditioners come in a variety of models offering different levels of energy efficiency and unique features.

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Gree Mechanical Service, an HVAC Expert team, serving New York and New Jersey. We have years of experience in the air conditioning industry. Our friendly and professional staff is here to provide you with quality and reliable HVAC services.

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Gree GMV5 DC Inverter Multi VRF System with its high-efficient inverter compressors have four exciting features which are different from those found on traditional inverter air conditioners: excellent energy-saving effect, more reliable and precise operation, smarter network control, providing users with best air conditioning experience.

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GMV PTAC is a kind of concealed VRF unit, which adopts back side air discharge and air return. It’s mainly developed for North American market, which is applicable for apartments, offices, hotels and other areas. The unit adopts deep subcooling technology for ensuring the quiet cooling operation. Moreover, the unique drainage control technology has solved the problem of water drainage of outdoor unit under low-temperature environment.

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Gree Ultra Heat GMV adopts multi-cylinder jet type compressor to ensure strong heating capacity. Its EER reaches 13, with capacity range from 36K to 96K. It has a broad product lineup and is widely applicable to places such as residential houses, apartments and office buildings.

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No traditional inverter need

Gree Invention: Main board + DC Terminal + AC Terminal, UL Certified

  • Solar Air Conditioning
  • Solar Air Conditioning & Power Generation
  • Solar Power
  • Solar Air Conditioning & Consumption
  • Pure Air Conditioning
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Air-Source Heat Pumps

Introduce Gree's premier brand Kinghome

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Soft startup

Off-peak power supply to migrate the pressure of public power grid.

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Long air supply range

With unequal-distance air duct design and simulation optimization for long-distance air supply.

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Fast cooling and heating

The compressor operates in high frequency to quickly cool down or heat up the room temperature.

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Quiet design

Noise is as low as 39dB.

Kinghome Universal Condensing Unit

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