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Heat pump benefits

No more fixed speed compressor that works often turning on and off. The new DC-inverter technology compressor can protect the compressor better, adjusting its working frequency according to the room temperature inside. Thus, saving energy, protecting the compressor for a longer life span.


  • High efficiency
  • Energy-saving functions
  • Fresh air supply ventilation
  • Quiet function
  • Compact design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low-temperature heating capability
  • Longer life span


Carbon-Neutral New York City’s movement has a goal of zero emissions.

  • Our electrification feature reduces pollution.
  • Our electrification feature improves environmental and public health outcomes for communities most impacted by the negative consequences of the transportation sector’s dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Our electrification feature reduces propane, oil, and gas heating as a heating source for homes and buildings.
  • Our electrification feature generates significantly fewer messes.

NYS clean heat program

  • The NYSERDA and all New York State local utility companies collaborate and leverage their resources to encourage the transformation of heat pump air conditioners to help create cleaner environments.
  • These organizations incentivize residential customers, light commercial customers, and developers of multifamily properties through NY State Clean and Heat Programs for Heat Pump split systems and installation.
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The funding is limited, it is a first come first serve base.